You play. You decide.

True tailor made

Paco Chorobo Clasica Concierto

If each player is unique, each guitar should be also

My guitars are true tailor made, built with pasion for the detail, hand made one by one. A true tailor made guitar is designed by and for the player who performs on her and is way more than a aesthetically custom instrument. You play, so you decide. If you are after a professional instrument that suits your needs, here you have a detailed info about what a tailor made guitar is.

Let's get started?


Wood choice is the core of your new guitar. There is a long list of available woods... and you can choose the exact set that I will use to build your guitar. I maintain a wide inventory of readily available wood with photos from which you can choose, but you can also propose your own choice of wood...

I have built using traditional woods like Spruce, Cedar, Indian Rosewood or Cypress but, I have also used Pau Ferro, Brazilian Rosewood, Cocobolo, Madagascar Rosewood, Coral Wood, Bubinga...

I am always researching to find the most striking and unique sets to make your guitar a one of a kind piece of art.


Classical or flamenco? Whichever you choose, there are thousands of options for each guitar... what type of guitar player are you? what's your music style? what sound are you after?

Paco Chorobo Flamenca Perla Clavijas
Paco Chorobo Concierto Alicia Aros
Paco Chorobo Flamenca Negra Rosas Fondo
Paco Chorobo Flamenca Lucia Roja Puente
Paco Chorobo Concierto Wang Clavijeros
aco Chorobo Concierto Pinpilipauxa Roseta
Paco Chorobo Concierto Pinpilipauxa Cabeza
Paco Chorobo Flamenca Kiki Clavijas
Paco Chorobo Flamenca Amplificada Previo
Paco Chorobo Concierto Alicia Puente
Paco Chorobo Flamenca Perla Perfil
Paco Chorobo Flamenca Rosas Tapa

Depending on your playing style and technique your needs may vary... I'm a professional guitar player so we both speak the same language. Just share your thoughts about your dream guitar... which scale length do you prefer? Do you need a low or high bridge? Dimensions and profile of the neck, number of frets, rosette design, bindings, tuners, inlays... you can even customize your guitar case!

You can also order risk insurance with your guitar, or even a key ring for your car keys!

Have you thought of a dream a guitar?... make it real.


What's your favourite finish? All options are available for you, from traditional French Polished shellac to the modern synthetic finishes

Finishes well deserve special attention. There is no "perfect finish", all of them have their pros and cons... but what if you are not stuck with just one type of finish? You can choose a hybrid finish if you want to, or use several options on different parts of the guitar... do you prefer the protection of catalized finishes on the body, but would like to have a traditional French polished top? It is possible... just let me know your choice.

From pure French polished shellac to catalyzed finishes, including waterborne lacquers, colored finishes, epoxy sealers... you have a really wide palette of finishing options for your guitar.

Paco Chorobo Flamenca Negra Rosas Perfil
Paco Chorobo Concierto Wang Cabeza
Paco Chorobo Flamenca HK Cabeza
Paco Chorobo Flamenca Perla Fondo
Paco Chorobo Concierto Pinpilipauxa Tapa
Paco Chorobo Flamenca Kiki Fondo
Paco Chorobo Concierto Pinpilipauxa Perfil
Paco Chorobo Concierto Alicia Roseta
Paco Chorobo Concierto Oporto
Paco Chorobo Flamenca HK Puente
Paco Chorobo Flamenca Kiki Tacon
Paco Chorobo Flamenca Perla Tapa

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