Cartujana Flamenca

It feels very nice when a customer makes his second order. Imagine third or fourth... I'll keep his name in secret as usual. In this case, the customer already have probably the best guitars that a professional player can play, from old and reputate masters, with such a high quality that I can only dream to achieve one day. Despite I cannot offer anything better, I was given complete freedom to create this project for him. Should you like to see how is a project completely defined by myself and all woods choosen by me, you will enjoy this article. Sevilla, iconic flamenco city in Andalucia, serves as an inspiration for this project since this city has a special meaning for the customer.

"Monastery of the Cartuja is a religious building on the Cartuja island in Sevilla. Cartujana is named after the famous fine pottery factory that existed there in 1838" 


If you are looking for the purest flamenco sound, then you have no other choice than spruce. Clean and superb top that was selected by master Jesús de Jiménez, from whom I was lucky to get it.


Design after a little motif found on one of the original product catalogs by Cartuja pottery factory founded by Mr. Pickman. As you will see in the picture carrousel, this design was used as a purfling for tiles to decorate rooms and patios. Based on that, I created this rosette using white Korean Mother of Pearl and Polinesyan black pearl. Although impossible to capture on pictures, the iridiscence amount of reflections on this rosette is absolutely breathtaking. The black pearl, at a given angle, totally absorves the light, appearing to be pitch black.

Beautiful embero colour for the neck, signature by master finisher Antonio Ariza

Ebony heel cap detail


I love Cypress, and it is the natural choice for a flamenco body. This is one of those perfect-cut sets that we all luthiers dream of. No center strip, no decorations... just pure wood. Nothing else.


All decorations in this guitar are made out of ebony. Purflings, bindings, end wedge, headstock veneer... Ebony is beautiful, and really partners with Cypress.


When you try a hand carved neck, you'll never go back. This pictures won't give you an idea of how it feels on your hands, but at least you can see how beautiful it is. And yes, that's an ultra low 1.8mm action on 12th fret, 7.5mm bridge.


Custom made like fine jewlery, this piece of art by Thomas Rubner serves both as tuners and beautiful decoration for the headstock. Featuring buttons in solid white Mother of Pearl, rollers with bearings, antifriction sleeves...  a true master piece for absolute perfect tuning.


Despite the fact I was given complete freedom in this project, of course this is a tailor made guitar. Aside from the scale lenght, this was then only little detail requested explicitly by the customer. The bridge is pitch black, so the bridge inlay can really shine. Cartuja design matching the rosette motif.


  • Top: Spruce
  • Body: Spanish Cypress
  • Neck: Spanish Cedar
  • Fretboard: Ebony
  • Headstock: Ebony
  • Bridge: Ebony
  • Bindings: Ebony
  • Decorations: Korean white MOP and Polynesian black pearl
  • Tuners: Custom Rubner
  • Nut: 52mm
  • Scale: 650mm
  • Frets: 19 full + 20 partial
Black Pearl - Fondo

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