Classical and Flamenco

From selecting the wood, up to making it sound

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Guitar Making Course using the Spanish traditional method

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Here you have the end result of the classical guitar making course. Built with love by student Richard Breitenbach

Nothing better than a video to show you the experience of building a Spanish guitar with your own hands. This one, made by Jorge Serra

If you prefer a flamenco guitar, here you have a perfect example of what you can build during the course. This one was made with love by student Dani Verdera


A guitar making course in my workshop with my personal guidance to allow you focusing only on enjoying the experience of building your own Spanish guitar!

From selecting the wood... up to making it sound

Making a musical instrument is one the most rewarding experiences you can live. Of course, it takes years to perfect the job, but you can speed up the learning curve and enjoy more the process. Although it seems impossible task, you CAN make your own Spanish guitar, with me at my workshop, guiding you step by step.

This is a hands-on course, one to one, and flexible so you can cutomize it based on your needs.

The course is tailor made and, of course, you can modify it to suit your needs. Options for every budget, where you will learn from selecting the raw wood to the final setup before stringing it up and listening to the guitar for the very first time. Learn all the building process, following the traditional Spanish method with "solera". Cutting the neck, jointing the top and black plates, bending the sides, assembling the box in the solera, bracing systems for the top, install the bindings and purflings, carving the neck, shaping the bones, guitar physics and acoustic theory...

It is a really exciting experience that you can enjoy, having the certainty that you will end with a high quality instrument made with your own hands. Not only you will lay the foundations of a luthier, but you will bring home an instrument with a value on the market way higher that your initial investment.


The course is completely flexible and you can add several modules to suit your needs

Traditional French Polished shellac, mosaic rosette making, cutaway building, soundports...

Any ideas? Contact me and tell me how do you want your course to be

And also...

The course is imparted at my workshop, located in Úbeda (Jaén - Andalucía), a beautiful town World Heritage, a Renaissance city full of monuments and interesting places, definitively worth it to visit and enjoy with the family.  Cultural leisure, foods and activities in Úbeda  and the surrounding area is excellent, with many accommodation options. I can help you to get the lodging option that best suits you.

To help you choose, down below you have the two most requested courses in the last years. If you need help or advice, don't hesitate to contact me and I will be more than happy to help.

And please, don't forget to read the frequently asked questions at the end of this page. Should you have any additional questions, just let me know!

Guitar Making Course - Extended Edition
Extended duration

10 days

Woods included


Customizable designs

Deluxe tuners by Rubner

PDF plans


Your completed instrument

Lifetime email support

Guitar Making Course - Extended PLUS
Extended course · French Polish · Mosaic Rosette

15 days (+1 free)

Woods included

Finishing products

French polish module included

Rosette module included


Customizable designs

Deluxe tuners by Rubner

PDF plans


Your completed instrument

Lifetime email support


French Polishing

+ 2 days

Finishing products


Mosaic Rosette

+ 3 days

Materials included



+ 2 days

Customizable design


Arm Bevel

+ 2 days

Customizable design



+ 2 days

Customizable design


Solera, molds & jigs

+ 2 days

Solera & jigs

Laser cut templates

There is a lot to learn!

Wood selection
Cut, joints planing and preparation
Classical and flamenco guitar top voicing
Classical and flamenco bracing patterns
Rosette installation
Neck cut and carving
Spanish solera assembly method
Bindings and purflings design and installation
Fretboard cut, slotting and preparation
Scraping, sanding and prep work for finishing
Traditional finish
Saddle bone and nut making
Pegs or tuners setup
Fine adjustment, intonation and action setup
Guitar strings installation

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- What are the differences in between the intensive and the extended courses?

Both editions have exactly the same contents. But the extended version is 3 days longer, which really makes a difference on how the course develops. The extended course has a slower pace of work. If you cannot work 9 hours a day, then you should consider the extended version. In the extended edition we also have time to sharpen the tools and play a little bit more with the customization of the guitar in terms of woods and bracing options. This is also possible in the intensive course, but we are more limited due time constraints.

Once you select intensive or extended, you can add other optional modules on top of that. That way you can customize the course including only the contents you are interested in or the ones that you need only. Question? Just contact me and I will be happy to help you decide based on your individual profile and skills.

- Can I modify the duration of the course?

Of course! You can make your course as long as you want, add as many modules and even build two different guitars if you want to! There is no limit to extend the course. If you you need to make a shorter course, please contact me and I will do my best to fulfill your needs.

- Is it enough time to complete the guitar?

After almost a hundred courses, we have always completed the instrument. Yes, it is possible to build a naked guitar (no finish) in five days, although the work schedule will be very intense and will depend on your skills...  But you are not alone and I will be building together with you and along the whole process. You will watch me making some tasks so you can learn. I always advice to book an additional night at the hotel just in case you need to work the last details on the guitar.

- What about the daily schedule?

We use to work for about 8 hours every day, with a 2 hours rest. Timing will vary with every student, every type of course and even in between days of the same course. In a blink of an eye you will be stringing up the instrument... time flies when you are doing what you love most. In a normal day we use to work from 8.30am to 14pm and from 16.30pm to 19pm.

- What if I need additional days to finish or I prefer a more relaxed schedule every day?

Just send me an email and we will customize the course for your. If you think you may need additional days or you cannot work more than 7 hours a day, we could modify the duration of the course. Others with little experience at guitar making have completed it without problems. If you are ready to work and are willing to learn, you are way ahead!

- I have single days or weekends only availability. Can I attend the course?

Just send me an email and we will do my best.

- Can you apply the finish for me?

If you decide to, I can finish the guitar for you at a special price.

- Can I take pictures during the course? 

Absolutely! I really encourage students to take as many pictures as possible. They are the best notes! Don't forget to bring your camera or smartphone ready to take hundred of pictures. You can photograph, measure and copy everything you see in the workshop, of course inculding the process itself, molds, jigs... anything you want.

- Can I record video in the course? 

No, video recording is completely forbidden with the exception of the following processes:  bindings rope, shellac preparation, stringing up the instrument and the final sound check.

- What will I take home with me when I finish the course? 

In all cases you will take home your completed instrument, digital plans in PDF format and your diploma. Might be there will some additional surprise but I won't tell you just yet.  If your course includes any module, you will take everything included in that particular module. For instance, if you include the rosette module, you will take home the rosette. If you include the French Polish module, you will take home all products and materials needed to complete the task. If you need further info, don't hesitate to contact me.

Aside from all of this, you will get the foundation of this beautiful craftmanship and a life experience all student describe as amazing!

- Are the jigs included in the course, will I take them after the course?

Jigs used while making the guitar like the "solera", the molds, etc... are only included in case you selected the corresponding module. But in all cases you will get the plans in professional format and instructions to easily make them at home, saving the money of extra hotel days and meals.

Some students are interested in making the "solera" only, as the core jig to assembly the guitar, or the molds... or both! If that is your case, just let me know and we will set up a custom course for you. Don't hesitate to contact me because all courses are tailor made for every student!

- Can I attend and longer finishing module?

The art of French Polish can be taught in just one day. But you will need a whole lifetime to become a master finisher. There are no secrets, just a good base technique and thousands of practicing hours.

It has no sense to pay more just to watch you repeating many times the same routine because it is something you can do at home easily, saving costs of hotels and meals. Any doubt you might have regarding this point, don't hesitate to contact me and I will be more than happy to answer you.

- What types of wood and materials are included within the course?

Within the price of the course, all woods and materials needed to complete the guitar are included. You can choose in between Cedar or Spruce for the top and Indian Rosewood or Cypress on the body, but you can customize the course and choose a different set of woods, although some species might increment the cost of the course due their highly value. Just send me a message and tell me your ideas. Tuners, a ready to use rosette, frets and bones are also included within the price.

- A guitar case is included within the course price?

The course does NOT include a case or bag. Most use their own case because each person has his own needs. In Úbeda there are several shops to buy a bag or case for the guitar, from very cheap gig bags to expensive professional hard cases. If you already own a case, you don't pay an additional cost. In case you need one, just let me know so I can advise you.

- I am unsure about my skill level... Will I be able to complete it?

Yes, no doubt. I am here to help you.

The course is really intensive, a lot, but it is also a funny and rewarding experience. Even if you have no previous experience you can make it and will learn tons of thing. I will make for you all those tasks you are afraid of or you may encounter some difficulties. So just relax and enjoy!

- I am not used to power or industrial machines. Is it dangerous?

I don't use industrial power machines in my workshop. Most of the task are done using only hand tools or regular domestic power tools really safe to use. But luthier tools are really sharp, like chisels or knifes, so we must follow the common safety instructions. For your safety, there is a few task that I make myself to teach you and save you from any problem. At the workshop there is professional protection and security equipment at your disposal. This is all about having fun!

- Hotel and meals included within the course price?

No, they are not included. You can choose the accommodation option you prefer, so you only pay based on your needs or preferences. There are so many option in Ubeda for meals and accommodations. Tapas are very popular here, small snacks offered for free together with your drink at every restaurant or bar in the city. Option for all kind of budgets. You will book the hotel directly so you only pay what you book, with no intermediaries, commissions or surprising expenses.

- What about the rosette? Could I bring my own rosette?

Making the tiles log is a huge task that takes lots of time, patience and methodical work during several days that we should add to the course. If you are interested in making a rosette, just send me an email so we can work out the details. Of course you can bring your own rosette if you already have one or you can use one of my ready to use rosettes.

- Can I use my own head stock design?

Yes, but it will depend on the design itself. There are head stock design that can take several days of work due its complexity. In the course we will use a beautiful head stock design that both matches flamenco and classical guitars. If you have any proposal, just let me know.

- Can I make a guitar with a cutaway?

Yes sure!, my courses are truly tailor made. But if it is your first one, I DON'T recommend you to do a cutaway guitar. But if you dare and wish to, you can make your classical or flamenco guitar with a cutaway. Just add the cutaway module to your tailor made course.

- What are Master Edition courses?

They are special editions of the course that, due their duration, complex and amount of contents, cannot be classified in any of the previous categories.  All of my courses are unique, every course is tailor made, but Master Edition ones doesn't fall in any standard. In case you have plenty of time available and budget is not a concern, don't hesitate to contact me. Please check some of the previous editions in this link about Master Edition courses previously hosted in my workshop. Click here please

- Is it possible to attend just a module or two? Just a rosette making course or French Polishing course?

There are topic specific courses throughout the year. They are not available always like regular courses, but you can join the newsletter and you will be informed. Join the newsletter for free and stay updated. Click here please.

- Can we make intricate decorations, inlays, mitter joints and others in the course?

If we have scheduled them in your course, yes. If you attending an intensive course we will stick to the basics, but the instrument will be stunning anyhow. In case you have any idea, let me know and we will calculate the extra days and costs needed.

- ¿Can I cancel my booking and get a full refund?

Yes, you may cancel your course up to 2 months (60 days) before the start date, no questions, and get a 100% refund.

- ¿What if I need to cancel within 60 days prior the start date? ¿Can I choose a new date reusing my deposit?

Yes, sometimes life happens! No problem, contact me and we will try to find a new date for your course.

- Can I pay the course later on? Pay in installments?

No. We cannot even start if the course has not been paid in full before day 1 of the course. This is a mandatory premise, no excuses.

- Dates availabilty? When can I attend the course?

Courses are hosted during the whole year and you can book the most convenient date for you among the available dates.  Courses are usually booked many months in advance so if you are ready, contact me as soon as possible Contact me at or call me +34 635 047 120 . I will be more than happy to help!

- I am ready to attend the course but I am still not sure about the date. Can I make a pre-booking to have priority when choosing dates?

Yes, you can make a pre-booking with no date set. When you do a pre-booking you will enter the list of priority students and you will be notified with any news regarding available dates. You will have priority to choose them. While you are in the pre-bookings list of students, you can cancel your booking at any time, no questions asked, and you can abandon the pre-booking list when you wish. You will receive a complete refund of your deposit. Once you select a date, you will enter the list of students with regular bookings and defined dates, and normal conditions will be applied, this is, you can still cancel your course up to 60 days in advance.

- How can I book the course?

Just contact me at or call me: +34 635 047 120

Ready to start?

If you are interested in making this course, just contact me to book a date