Il Duomo Classical Concert

Quite usual to see players showing love for their instruments. But this one, is a true homage to love. The story I will share today is how much a father's love for his family, his children and wife, can be expressed through a tailor made guitar. I feel really honoured to have contributed to make this dream come true. My conection with the customer was total and from the very first minute I felt completely aligned in all terms, really knowing what the customer was looking for. Indeed, the first email I got from the customer was just like that, talking about making a reality of a long time dreamed guitar. This is the story of Il Duomo guitar, and I really hope you enjoy it!

"Paco, I've dreaming of a guitar, a special project for me... and now I'd like it to come true. Could you do it?" 


Not rare to see flamed cedar on neck. But it quite more rare to see Western Red Cedar with the flamed grain. A mother nature gift used in this top. This might be overlooked by untrained eyes, but when you realize about this details is when you know how exclusive and unique an instrument is.


The piece that names the instrument. Design after the Milan's Cathedral rose window, it becomes the central element of the instrument. Entirely hand painted to provide a realistic stone look including a colour shifting ink background to give the illusion of painted glass reflections. The whole piece is embossed 1.6mm into the top and left uncovered to avoid an unatural shiny effect on the stone. The idea of a gothic window was proposed by the customer, as well as the five symbols, gold gilded with 24k leaf, that you can find spread around the rosette. We will keep their meaning in private.It is impossible to show in pictures, but the black background, pretending to be the glass behind the window's stone, has a glossy look that shines with multiple colours depending on the light angle. Needless to say there is no machine to make this, or store to buy it. Months of work and love, that's it. Nothing else to add. Hope you like it.

Bridge's tail block inlay

Bridge detail with rounded wing tips


Made out of rosewood, as black as the blackest ebony can be. Black bone, self-lubricating. Gothic tracery design for the the inlay decoration, highlighted by the frame which is made out of spalted maple


One of the most beautiful woods on Earth, striking Cocoboo set used on this guitar. Its red tones, combined with the golden hue of the sapwood, makes for a perfect combination to follow the aesthetics of this instrument.


It is a pitty to loose even a single square inch of that beautiful sapwood... wouldn't it? So better to use it as a one-piece heel cap with the back.


This guitar features a soundport. You cannot see it from outside, but the inside is fully decorated with 24k gold that you can see when you look inside of the instrument through the soundhole. Did you notice there are 14 side reinforcement struts? Just like the 14 stations of the Way of the Cross you can find inside a church.


This guitar features a micro arm bevel, just 5mm deep into the top, so it is barely noticeable, but plenty enough to be felt when you place the arm on the guitar edge. The position and dimensions of the bevel are tailor made to my customer forearm and playing position. Binding a guitar with Ebony is not the easiest, but totally worth it as you can see.


  • Top: Flamed Red Cedar
  • Body: Cocobolo
  • Neck: Spanish Cedar
  • Fretboard: Ebony
  • Headstock: Rosewood
  • Bridge: Indian Rosewood
  • Bindings: Ebony and red maple
  • Decorations: Hand painted rosette and 24k gold leaf
  • Tuners: Rubner
  • Nut: 53mm
  • Scale: 655mm
  • Frets: 20
Black Pearl - Fondo

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