Almost everything has a price tag. It easy to price something. The hard part is to know the true value. If you are here, you are interested in my guitars and I am pretty sure you value them properly. Let's talk about pricing.


Can I have an aproximate price for my custom guitar?

Yes, you can use the configurator below to get an aproximate price. Should you need an exact price, please keep reading.

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Can I have an exact price for my guitar?

Yes, that's easy. Contact me and I will send you a copy of the Projects Sheet. It is an online document, very easy to use. Not only it stores all the details about your guitar but also doubles up as a price calculator. Should you like to receive the Project Sheet, contact me via phone, chat, social media or email. It is free, no strings attached.

No models, no series.

Bespoke instruments only.

I don't build model lines or series, there are no range or grades... I just make one thing: bespoke guitars.  We both together will design a tailor made guitar for you. That's why it's impossible to know the exact cost until we define your project. Thanks the Project Sheet, you will have a maximum cost before starting the building of your guitar.

You play, you decide.

Just pay for what you choose.

This is the main premise. Transparency in my orders is absolute. You will know at any moment where you are spending the money because it will be you who will design the instrument, with my help if you need it. You won't pay based on a model names or numbers because in my workshop there are no models or series. That's why we need to talk first about your project, to adapt to your budget and get the most out of it.

Quality & value

Just one grade. Top grade.

The quality of my instruments is based on the best material selection and the work I do with my hands. The budget doesn't matter. All instruments are built with the same care and love. If you include unique pieces of wood, 24K gold, custom decorations... price will be higher, but quality is independent of price: mi hands and my commitment will be always the same.

Frequently asked questions - How much does a Paco Chorobo cost?

Below I will answer all the common questions regarding my guitar prices. I hope you find them useful and they inspire you more questions that I will be happy to answer. Just contact me.

  • Could you send me a price list?

I don't build models or series. I don't make two guitars the same so they can have the same price. To be completely fair and honest, price is exactly calculated for every project. Contact me, it is free!

  • Is it possible to calculate the exact price of my guitar before the building starts?

Of course. Indeed, all projects price ends being lower than we calculated the first time. Thanks to the  Projects Sheet you will be able to calculate the maximum price. You will know exactly every part's price. Just contact me and request a Project Sheet for your guitar. It is free, no strings attached and I will be delighted to send it.  You can make as many changes as needed and play around with it until you find your budget. And if you find any issues, just let me know and I will help you.

  • I am curious to know previous projects price. Can you tell me the exact price of some of the guitars I saw in your website?

Every project you see in my website has an owner even before the making started. The price that every customer paid is kept in private, as you can understand. Probably you won't like yours to be public as well. Indeed, there is no point to share the price of a previous project because yours will be different.

  • Is it possible to use unique woods to make my guitar more exclusive?

Of course. You play, you decide. You have total freedom to choose every single part of your instrument.

  • I am commited, how to order?

Please contact me. Tell me your ideas and we will set a Project Sheet for your guitar. To confirm your order and enter the waiting list, a small deposit for materials is required. You can cancel your project if it hasn't begin and you will get a complete refund, no questions asked.

  • What if once the guitar is finished, I can't pay for it or I just changed my mind, or I simply don't like it?

It has never happened before, but there will a first time. In that case, let me set the conditions in that case. If the construction has started yet, you won't lose the deposit. If you can't pay at the moment, we can wait some time. In case you changed your mind or you are not sure about keeping it, no problem. I will sell it and once it is sold, you will recover your deposit inmediatly. As you can see, I have no plans on keeping your money if you are not happy with the instrument. My best marketing are my customers. If you are not 100% satisfied, I will do my best to find a solution. It never happened before, I really wish you are not the first, but if that's the case, you can rest assured.

  • How to pay? Which payment options do I have?

There is no need for any payment until the instrument is finished aside from the initial material's deposit.  Remember that your booking deposit will never be lost. I am more than happy to take the risk , there is no "non-refundable" payments. Once the guitar is finished you will try it and the final decision is just yours. If you like it, then we will complete the payment before the instrument leaves the workshop.

  • How long should I wait until the instrument is finished?

At the moment, around a year. Guitars I make cannot be build fast. It takes time to build a guitar up to the maximum level, and I will be more than happy to put my very best and all my efforts to complete your dreamed guitar.

  • Do you have guitars to try?

Much to my regret, I don't. I'd love to have a big collection in my workshop to every one to try, but it is not the case at the moment. All my guitars already have an owner waiting for them. When I finish the guitar, they took them away. It is a sad moment for me, but happy at th same time. There is a small waiting list, but don't worry, time goes by fast! 

  • Can I customize my guitar with names, religious or politic symbols, tatoos, pictures of relatives or any other thing that comes to my mind?

It is very hard that I say no to any idea, and the projects you can see in my website are proof of my open mind.  If you have any special idea, please let me know. If your project requires any special conditions, we will contract them. Never think something is too weird... contact me and let mek know.

  • What about warranty of your guitars?

Lifetime. As long as I am active, I will be there to help with any problem ascribable to my work is covered for free. If you had an accidente, if the guitar has suffered due humidity changes... I will be there to help. If you travel with your guitar or you have to ship anywhere in there world please consider an insurance. It is imposible to predict every situation... a heat wave, a drop off, accidents... if there is a solution, we will find it.



More question? Please contact me, I'll be happy to answer them.

Let's talk?

Every player is unique. You are also as a person, and your guitar shouold be also. Just contact me and share your ideas and needs. You will get a transparent quote, no small print

Thanks for your interest in my guitars and the artisan work. I hope to see you soon in the workshop. Until them, I am at your disposal and send you warm regards from Úbeda.

Paco Chorobo Clasica Concierto

If each player is unique, each guitar should be also

My guitars are true tailor made, built with pasion for the detail, hand made one by one. A true tailor made guitar is designed by and for the player who performs on her and is way more than a aesthetically custom instrument. You play, so you decide. If you are after a professional instrument that suits your needs, here you have a detailed info about what a tailor made guitar is. Let's get started?

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