Eco-friendly guitar making course

Better a video to tell you about why this course is awesome!

And here you have it!

Clayton Walker was the student participating in the 1st edition of this course. His smile says it all! Would you like to be the next one? Just contact me and let's do it!

Would you like to hear how she sounds?

Such a special guitar, the first of its kind, was worth it a full article about her birth. Clic below to read the full story (only available in Spanish at the moment sorry! Would you like to translate it? Let me know please!)

What's this all about?

The Eco-Friendly Guitar Making Course is a special variation of the regular courses I offer. The differences are the materials we use and the philosophy behind the instument building process, that's all. The course contents and the learning remain the same, as well the pricing. It is just an option for those of you willing to get started in this craft, take home a pro guitar and a unique unforgettable experiencie and at the same time, doing it in a more eco-friendly way, using sustainable woods only.


All woods used here are sustainable. It will be made 100% with Eucalyptus wood


We will promote the eco-friendly products and will use them as much as practical during the building process


Certificated diploma after completing the course


All the plans (guitar, parts, jigs and molds) you will use during the course are also included


Enjoy a private night tour to the amazing old town of Ubeda, declared World Heritage city, guided by a professional Art History Graduated guide


A bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Cortijo Espiritu Santo is included within the finishing course. The same we will use to finish the guitar 😉


This course is made possible thanks to Madinter, to their commitment in developing and producing sustainable materials and fair-trade markets. Along with their innovation with the Eucalyptus wood, what makes us able to offer this course, they also carry on other ideas like the Crelicam project. It encourages the ebony wood production in a sustainable way and the creation of added value for its origin country, and developing a new economical standard in Cameroun. The recognition of this project, managed together with Taylor Guitars as a partner, is world wide, thus getting in 2014 the Corporative Excellence Award from the State Secretary of United States.

"A unique oportunity of living a one of a kind experience and build your own guitar with your own hands"

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