Rosette Making Course

The Handmade Rosette

The mosaic rosette has been during centuries the signature of the artisan guitar maker. Aside from the guitar headstock, this decorative element made out of thousands of wood pieces around the soundhole is where the luthier had the opportunity to express his creativity and woodcraft skills at its maximum. There is nothing closer to a true artisan Spanish guitar than a beautiful mosaic, not only a symbol of the hand made instrument, but a piece of art just by itself.

In this three days course you will learn the art of Spanish guitars mosaic rosettes. From the very basic foundations of design and mosaic making to pro tip and advanced techniques on inlaying, jigs, hand painted rosettes and much more! This course is for everyone interested in the rosette making art, no matter if you are a professional luthier or not, with no previous experience required. All tools and materials are included so you just need the willing to make it!

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The Course

The course will take place from 21st to 23rd of January 2019, in the beatiful city of Genova in Italy. Imparted at the workshop of Gutierrez Guitar, to a maximum number of 4 students.

All veneers, materials and jigs included

In this course all materials, veneers, tools, glue, molds... everything is included. You don't need to bring anything.

Flexible timing

Only 4 students per group to keep the quality of teaching to the maximum level. Each of you will work independently so timing can be flexible. If you have any special request, let us know

Concert + Flamenco Masterclass

Flamenco concert in the magnificent location of Castle D'Albertis + Masterclass on flamenco playing and composition imparted by Paco Chorobo. If you also play guitar, this is a great opportunity to complete your experience in Genova. Contact us for further information.

More than just making a rosette, more than a just a regular course... Come on and join us to share a lifetime experience in one of the most beautiful locations in the planet.

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Along with the rosette making course, we will offer a series of events to complete the experience. Paco Chorobo will offer an intimate live concert at the magnificent Castello D'Albertis. For those of you guitar players, there will be also a masterclass by Paco on Flamenco Composition. This masterclass is suited for both flamenco and classical players who want to get deeper into flamenco compositions from a traditional perspective as well using new fashion and contemporary styles.

Rosette making course

Rosette making course

All materials and jigs

Spruce top

Concert ticket


Flamenco concert

Alberti's Castle

Time: 16.30h

Flamenco masterclass

Flamenco composition

Traditional and new playing styles

Ad libitum and rythmic styles



Will be great having you here. If you want to take place in this experience, please contact us. Should you have any question or if you need any further information, don't hesitate to drop us an email and we will be more than happy to help you. Ciao! Ci vediamo a Genova!

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