Friends are important in life. Should you like to be in this recommended list, just let me know!

Master Robert O'Brien. What can I say about him? Everything in my career is thanks to him. Please, check out his work at

Madinter is a tonewood supplier based in Spain, and I have developed a very special relationship with them over the course of the years. They are my go-to source for tonewood. Visit them at their website

As everybody knows, I am in love of my city, Úbeda. I like to discover every single place of this wonderful city and unveil all of its secrets. My go-to when city touring with my friends and students: María Jesús Rodríguez of

Kids smiles make this world worth it! Check out their amazing work at

Casablancas is the instrument specialized insurance company I use when any customer requests an insured instrument or shipping. Check out their instruments insurances at