Paco Chorobo was born in Ubeda, a small town in Andalucía, south of Spain. He represents the perfect example of the new generation of young luthiers, extremely well prepared and growing fast the more they get experienced.

Paco is a Telematics Engineer and he is also a professional guitar player and composer. This provides him with a wide vision and some skills that are not common in an old school luthier, making him able to satisfy the current demand of custom guitars, more personalized for the guitarist in terms of sound, playability and aesthethics.

He was just a child when he found an old guitar in the trash bin: it was a poorly made guitar, but still playable, so he decided to repair it himself... it was just the beginning. Many years later, he started as a classical player, and after completing the elementary degree, he switched to flamenco, so he still has a strong musical foundation, aside from playing and performing live with other instruments as the electric guitar and bass.

So before starting as a luthier Paco was really familiar with the guitar world, and the most importantly, the guitar sound and playability of a professional instrument. Put it together with a tremendous ability to work with his hands, especially on wood, an unlimited creativity and the urge to express himself through art. These are the main reasons why he understood that luthery was what he was born for.

He started preparing himself for this job very seriously and before touching any wood, he spent three years just reading and studying everything related to guitar making: guitar history, building methods, sound architecture, finishes chemicals, botany, sound physics...  and in the meanwhile, he started his own guitar design and then transferring the results from the CAD software to the wood templates and jigs needed to build the guitar.

Despite the fact he uses all the technologies we have available today, he is very influenced by the traditional Spanish building method. Of course, he derives from the great master work done previously by the triad Torres-Hauser-Romanillos on the classical line, and Santos Hernandez-Esteso on the flamenco. He started getting familiar with the tools and the wood on a short course made with Rafael Lopez. After that, he continued alone, just learning by himself. Then, willing to widen his knowledge and techniques, he made a course with Robert O’Brien, from USA, adapting many of his style to the the Spanish method...

Another important milestone in his short carreer, was the fact of living in Granada during five years. Granada, known to be the most important guitar making city around the world, hosts the workshops of many of the greatest luthiers globally speaking. This gave him the opportunity to contact masters like Renee Barslaag, Ana Espinosa, Rafael Moreno, Jose Fernandez, Juan Labella... although not his formal teachers, he has learnt a lot from them, aside from providing superb woods, he really considers their advices as a gift.

Anyway, Paco is mainly a luthier by his own, and he is developing a unique style just by himself. Considered as a non prejudice builder, known to adapt every single aspect of the guitar to the requirements from the player. Aside from the traditional woods like Rosewood and Cypress, he has built using Bubinga, Palo Coral, Pau Ferro, Cocobolo, Madagascar... working them using hand tools, machines built by himself, CAD software, laser cutting technologies, adding non standard materials on a classical guitar like Abalone or Carbon Fiber,  ... providing him with such a variety of building options to get near the limit of imagination. Aside from guitar building, he is also a finisher, making him able to offer a wide range of finishing options, including traditional French Polished shellac, waterborne lacquer, catalyzed urethane, and hybrid finishes mixing the best of both hand and sprayed finishes.

His passion and respect about guitar building, his open minded attitude plus his willingness to undertake whatever challenge the customer designs represents and his tireless perseverance to surpass himself are the key factors of his success.